Princess Leia Costume DIY

The love for Star Wars in our house is almost as big as our love of dinosaurs. For Merle's first year trick-or-treating like a big girl, we decided to go with a Star Wars theme. It was a close call between Princess Leia and Darth Vader, but ultimately Merle picked Princess Leia. A quick google search will result in dozens of options of cheaply made, yet expensively priced costumes for Princess Leia. It may have been easy with Amazon's one-click ordering, but I wasn't willing to spend a lot of money on a costume that would likely only be worn once. Instead I opted for a DIY costume using pieces that could be included in Merle's everyday wardrobe. We opted for the all white outfit Princess Leia wore when she was captured by Darth Vader in Episode IV and worked from there. Here's how I went about creating a DIY version.

1. Think about the key style elements

In the case of Princess Leia, this included the large side hair buns, a silhouette with a high neck and somewhat loose fit, and monochromatic coloring.

2. Evaluate what's already in the closet

Take a good, hard look. Chances are good, there is at least one or two items that could work towards the costume. 

3. Decide what can be cheaply purchased/ made

H&M, Old Navy, and Target are all great resources this time of year for inexpensive Halloween costume additions. I picked up a plain organic cotton turtleneck and two hair buns from H&M, plus a $5 tank dress. 

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