Semi-Homemade Doll House

One of my favorite gifts I made for Christmas was Merle's doll house. Using premade display houses and a few extra supplies, I was able to create a custom wooden dollhouse relatively quickly and inexpensively. Merle will sit quietly by herself for almost an hour playing with the house, which makes this project an even bigger win in my book. I'm slowly building more furniture for the house using basswood (specifically a sheet of 3" x 24" basswood (1/16" thickness) and a stick 1/8" x 1/8" x 24" basswood), but given my shotty craftsmanship on those, you won't be seeing a tutorial for doll furniture here anytime soon ;) Basswood, which was used to create all the furniture (with the exception of the chalkboard and pencils, which were store bought) and the clapboard roof, is cheap, widely available, and easy to work with because it can be cut with an Exacto knife. For adhesive, super glue, wood glue, and micro nails all work well with it.

I kept things simple for the interior of the house, using only paint and thin sheets of wood veneer, but there are limitless options for customization. DIY wallpaper can easily be made by using Mod Podge to adhere patterned card stock to the walls. I opted to leave the two halves of the house unattached, but small hinges and latches are available in the wood section of many craft stores (and at hardware stores), to secure the halves together. For now we keep them secured with a ribbon when not in use (rubber band works too). Ultimately I plan on making one or two more houses to create a neighborhood, but that's for another day...


2 miniature display houses
1 sheet 3" x 24" basswood clapboard siding (1/4" spacing)
Miniature peg people
Acrylic paint
Foam brushes
Super glue
Exacto knife (This one with a light is great for nighttime crafters)
Self healing cutting mat
Cork backed steel ruler

Paint the interior and exterior of the house as desired. Once dry, trace the roof (both the front and two sides of each house) onto the sheet of clapboard siding. Cut the pieces of clapboard out using an Exacto knife and steel ruler on a self healing cutting mat. Paint the clapboard if desired. Adhere to the roof using superglue.

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