DIY Pompom Throw Pillow

I'm at the planning phase of moving out of our current apartment and making mental lists of what needs to be packed up. In doing so, I've realized I'm a bit of a craft supply hoarder. What does one do when there are too many craft supplies? Start more projects obviously:) This weekend I worked on downsizing my fabric stash, as well as an oversized bag of poly-fil and yarn spool, by making throw pillows. First up is a chambray pillow with yarn pompoms.

I'm a huge fan of chambray in all its forms from home decor to fashion. I have leftover chambray from this DIY J Crew skirt project and decided to turn it into a pillow. I wanted to add something else for visual interest and with an excessive amount of yarn left over from the hair on Merle's mermaid doll, I opted to add pompoms. The taupe yarn of the pompoms has gray undertones, which in turn draws out the gray threads in the chambray. Plus making a pillow (versus a pillow cover) allowed me to make a considerable dent in a leftover bag of poly-fil. From start to finish, the project took about a half hour and it turned out exactly as I envisioned it. Within minutes, Merle started calling it her pillow, which means she loves it too. Free projects that look great are my favorite kind.

Cardboard scrap
Sewing machine or needle and thread

Making the Pompoms

- Cut a circle from cardboard (mine was 3 and 3/8 inches in diameter and made from an empty paper towel tube). Make a straight cut into the center of the circle and cut out a smaller interior circle, roughly the size of a nickel. 

-Wrap yarn around the circle until the interior circle is full. It's important that the interior circle is filled, otherwise the yarn will come loose in the next step. 

-Cut along the outer edge of the larger circle until all the yarn is cut in half. 

-Cut a separate strand of yarn approximately 12 inches in length. Bring this strand along the cardboard circle and pull it taught around the center of the pompom yarn. Double knot the strand. 

-Remove the pompom and repeat the process three more times.

Making the Pillow

-Fold the fabric in half, right side facing in. Cut a square or rectangle out of the fabric in the desired size (in this case 14in by 15in). Because the fabric was folded in half, you'll end up with two rectangles (or squares).

-With the right sides still facing in, tuck a pompom in each corner with the longer center strand of yarn coming out of the fabric. Use a pin in each corner to hold the pompom in place while sewing.

-Sew all four edges of the pillow closed with the exception of a two inch opening along one seam. Through this opening, turn the pillow right side out. 

-Stuff the pillow with poly-fil until the desired firmness is achieved. 

-Tuck in the edges of opening, then see it shut. 

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