Weekend Roundup

Well, we survived the first week post-holidays. Waking up early and heading off to work and preschool has not been easy, but I have no doubt we will have fully transitioned back to routine mode by next week. I spent this week raptured by the Outlander series. It's a TV show and book series about a woman living in the 1940s who falls through time in the Scottish Highlands to the 1700s and her reconciliation of her past and present life.  I'm thoroughly engrossed and haven't been able to put the book down after initially watching the TV show. This weekend I plan on reading more, going to see the new Star Wars movie in IMAX followed by a trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and finishing up the new year's reorganization of the apartment. Wherever the weekend takes you, I hope it's a good one. Below is my roundup of links for the week.

I've made these candy cane Oreos five times in the past month. They taste just like Thin Mints.

This notebook with pages that can be removed and reinserted has me swooning. 

City or Suburbs? When I think about abandoning urban life, I read articles like this one about the flux of people moving into the city and I think about staying longer. 

I'm trying to convince myself not to buy this candle bust that cries wax tears when lit, but it's too cool not to pick up, especially at more than sixty percent off.

DIY furry footstool 

DIY vanity

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