DIY Mermaid Tail Blanket

This Christmas was the year of homemade gifts. The gifts ranged from self-care boxes including candles, room sprays, and bath salts to dolls and a doll house. One of Merle’s gifts was a mermaid blanket and matching mermaid doll. Etsy abounds with mermaid blanket options, but I didn’t find exactly what I wanted and decided to make my own instead. With the help of a sewing machine, the mermaid blanket came together fairly quickly.
Inexpensive fleece and flannel were used to make the blanket, so it cost about $5 in fabric (I bought it during a sale at JoAnn Fabrics) and a half hour of time to create a mermaid blanket. I choose to use fleece because of its cost, warmth, durability, and resistance to fraying without hemming. I also fell in love with this minky fabric that had a scale like pattern, which I though would be perfect for a mermaid blanket, but ultimately decided against it due to cost.  I made the blanket large enough so that I could fit in it and more importantly so that the blanket could grow with Merle. For now, a portion of the blanket is rolled down to accommodate Merle’s current height. Now that it is starting to get cold in Philadelphia, Merle likes snuggling in her blanket with her matching mermaid doll (tutorial coming soon) and a few books. I’m thinking about making one for myself !

1.5 yards fleece (for the body of the blanket)
0.5 yard flannel for contrasting fleece (for the tail fin)
Fabric scissors
Sewing machine or needle and thread

1. Fold the fleece in half long ways with the right sides facing in (the plush and/or printed sides on the inside). Fold the fleece in half long ways again.

2. Cut the fleece in the shape of a mermaid tail along the loose edge. Keep in mind that once the fabric is unfolded, the width will double in size. The tails are typically straight at the top and then curve inward at the base of the hips or at the knee. For me it was easier to freehand the shape than using multiple sheets of paper to create a template. If you’re nervous about cutting the shape, sketch out the silhouette on the fleece using chalk or a fabric pen before cutting.

3. Unfold the fleece. Sew each side of the blanket from the top to six inches above the bottom of the tail.

4. Fold the flannel in half short ways with the right sides facing in. Cut out one tail fin. Again feel free to sketch out the shape first if desired. Flip the cut tail fin over and trace it onto the remaining portion of the fleece and cut it out to create the second tail fin.

5. Sew each tail fin, leaving a one to two inch opening at the top. Turn the tail fins right side out and stuff each with poly-fil. Sew each tail fin closed once full.

6. Insert each tail fin into the base of the fleece body with the flat edges of the tails facing the downward. Pin each tail into place. I angled the tails slightly to create a V shape.

7. Sew the tail fins to the blanket. Go slowly because the fabric will be very thick.

8. Turn the blanket right side out and ta da! you have a mermaid blanket.


  1. This is so cute Megan! I think my little one might need one for her upcoming birthday!

    1. Thanks Bethany! Naomi would look adorable as a little mermaid with her cherub cheeks :) Next week I'll post details on the doll.