Self Care Gift Box

After a busy week of making, I'm excited to bring together the candles, bath salts, and room spray for self care gift boxes. The packaging itself is still in progress as I neglected to pickup filler for the boxes, but I’m envisioning either crinkled craft paper shreds or tissue paper lining the bottom. What is ready for public debut are the labels for each of the items inside the box. I find that labels really upgrade the look of homemade gifts to professional status. I kept things simple with my labels, which are available for download at the bottom of this post, and added bits of washi tape to a few. Each label features a name, description, and ingredient list. Instead of being constrained to a particular label size, I like to buy full page labels (8.5” x 11”) and use the space as I see fit to create labels of various shapes and sizes. The sheets are also great for making custom stickers.

Chances are good you know someone in your life who deserves a little more time for self care. Maybe it’s an exhausted mom or an aging relative or co-workers, teachers, and neighbors who are always on the run. The candles, bath salts, and room spray shown over the past few days can create a relaxing oasis at home. I like to run a warm bath with bath salts, spritz a bit of room spray, and shut off the lights with only a single candle lit. If I’m really getting into it, I play Coldplays X&Y album and envision cool summer nights laying under a canopy of stars and fireflies.  It’s amazing how much better I feel, both mentally and physically, after climbing out of the tub. In addition to the homemade aromatherapy goodies from this week’s post, other thoughtful add-ins for self care boxes include a DIY hot/cold pack, a book, a towel, an iTunes giftcard (for music or guided meditation recordings), a coupon for free babysitting, and/or an eyemask. Whatever you chose to add, I’m sure the recipients will love the thought put in. 

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