Peacock Tree

By now you are likely aware I am obsessed with Christmas. I am always looking for new holiday themed projects and decorations. When my mom mentioned she wanted to change the color scheme of a Christmas tree in their entry way, I jumped on the chance to decorate the tree. If you're interested here's a bit more insight into the new decor.

I went with a peacock theme using silver (like these pinecones) and white (like these pears) as the grounding colors with accents of irridescent blue. Birds and feathers (this one and this one) are featured throughout the tree, culminating in a gorgeous peacock feather pick anchored by a wire ribbon bow at the top of the tree. I relied heavily on the Christmas floral section at JoAnn Fabrics (60% off this week) for the bulk of the decorations. I like to buy large floral sprays and cut them apart to create many smaller decorations. The floral sprays can lay on top of branches loosely or secured using green floral wire. The staircase railing has since been wrapped in garland and a corresponding ribbon to continue the color scheme upstairs.  I'm very happy with the end result.

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