Gnome Gift Topper

I find wrapping gifts even more enjoyable than shopping for gifts. Every year I do something three dimensional to top packages for visual interest and this year I decided to create gnomes. I have been saving empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls for the past few months after the success of Merle's paper crowns and I thought they would make a great gift topper. Using the empty cylinders and the printable included below, I was able to create a handful of gnomes within minutes for next to nothing. That's what I like to call a holiday win :) The gnomes can also be grouped together to create an adorable holiday vignette.

Printed gnome faces and hats*
Empty toilet paper roll
Tape or glue

*Four skin tones and twelve hat colors included in the PDF at the bottom of this post.

1. Cut out the gnome faces and hats.

2. Create a cone for the hat by wrapping the long edge of the colored paper to the white line on the short edge. Tape or glue the cone into position.

3. Wrap the face rectangle around the empty toilet paper roll. Tape or glue the edges of the face together.

4. Trace the top rim of the face with glue or small tape bubbles. Press the opening of the hat over the top of the face and hold it in place for several seconds for the adhesive to take hold. The gnome is ready to use.

5. Secure the gnome to gifts using tape or ribbon.

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