DIY Room Spray

This week is all about homemade items that use scent to elicit change in moods, in other words, aromatherapy. Candles and bath salts are both great vehicles for essential oils to create soothing and/or relaxing and/or stress reducing environments. My final project of the week before discussing package is room spray, which can create an instant scent and mood boost with the push of a button. Who doesn't love instantaneous results? 

Room sprays only require three ingredients, essential oils, water, and witch hazel, plus a spray bottle for dispensing. These sprays are certainly more eco-friendly and lung friendly than the standard store bought varieties, but without preservatives and stabilizers, the mixture is not indefinitely shelf stable. Combat the natural dissipation of the smell by storing the spray in a dark glass bottle (amber or cobalt) and including witch hazel (or vodka).

The sprays are set to be included in self care gift boxes. I am labeling the bottles as room spray, but it works equally as well as a linen spray or body spray. I plan on keeping a few of the sprays for myself. 

Room Spray
Makes 2oz 

1/2 oz witch hazel
1 1/2 oz distilled water
15 drops essential oil *suggested combinations at the bottom of this post
Fill the bottle half way with witch hazel. Add in the essential oil(s). Meld the oil(s) and witch hazel overnight. Fill the bottle with distilled water. Screw on the spray top firmly. Gently shake the bottle from side to side to mix the contents.

The room/body/linen spray is ready to use!

*Essential oil blends

Stress be gone
7 drops rosemary
5 drops eucalyptus 
3 drops peppermint

Sleepy time
10 drops lavender
5 drops vanilla

7 drops frankincense 
4 drops sweet orange
2 drops lemongrass
2 drops peppermint

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