DIY Aromatherapy Candles

This year I'm creating a self care gift box with candles, room spray, and bath salts for some of our nearest and dearest. The next few posts will detail how to make each component of the self care box, starting with candles. DIY candles are an ideal homemade gift. They require only a few, inexpensive supplies and are easy to make and customize. I didn't want to make just any candle, so I went for eco-friendly soy wax and essential oils to create aromatherapy candles. As X called it, the "basic plus" model.

Aromatherapy uses essential oils to elicit a mood adjustment. Essential oils can be pricey, but purchasing a starter kit like this one, makes them more affordable. With the addition of vanilla essential oil, I was able to make several different oil blends. I went for a bedtime blend (lavender and vanilla), stress relief (eucalyptus and peppermint), mood lifter (frankincense, rosemary, and peppermint), and energizer (frankincense, orange, and peppermint). With a bit of googling, you can find dozens of essential oil combinations based on what mood or experience you want to create. 

DIY aromatherapy candles 
Makes approx. six 4oz candles

1 pound soy wax 
15-20 drops of essential oils per candle*
6 empty containers for candles (I used empty jam and almond butter jars)
Glass container for melting wax

 Before beginning, determine the essential oil blends to be used. 

Fill the desired candle vessel with unmelted soy wax flakes approximately one inch beyond the intended candle size. Dump the wax flakes into a glass container in which it will be melted. Having a spout on said container is helpful (like a Pyrex measuring cup), though not required. Drop a wick into the now empty candle vessel. Lay a chopstick across the top of the vessel and wrap the excess wick around it. This will help the wick stay in place after the melted wax is poured. 

Meanwhile bring a small pot of water to a boil. Insert the glass container into the pot, being careful not to let water into the glass. Periodically stir the wax with a chopstick until the wax is completely melted. 

Remove the glass from the water using tongs. Add the essential oils to the wax and stir. Pour the scented melted wax into the candle vessel. 

Slowly transport the candle into a refrigerator. Chill the candle for at least two hours. The candle will appear solid in fifteen to twenty minutes, depending on the size of the candle. It will be tempting to remove the candle from the fridge at that point, but continue storing it in the fridge to prevent cracking on the surface of the candle.

Trim the candle wick to approximately 1/8 inch above the surface of the wax. If there are cracks in the wax, use a heat gun (or hair dryer) to gently heat the wax until a smooth surface is created. 

*These are the ratios of essential oils I used for each blend for candles roughly 4 oz in size. 

Bedtime: 10 drops each, vanilla and lavender 

Stress relief: 10 drops each, eucalyptus and peppermint 

Mood Lifter: 10 drops frankincense, 5 drops rosemary, and 3 drops peppermint

Energizer: 10 drops frankincense, 5 drops sweet orange, and 3 drops peppermint

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