Weekend Roundup

{Merle as Princess Leia on Halloween}

Happy Friday! Did this week seem painfully slow to you? It did for me. This weekend is homecoming at Penn, so the next couple of days are filled with activity. I plan on taking Merle to as many kid friendly events as my social angst will allow. We're also starting to do holiday prep, because I am one of those people who counts down to Thanksgiving and Christmas all year long. Recipe testing, crafting, and decorating are all part of the fun. Fortunately, as of now, Merle loves it too. What are you up to this weekend? To kick off the weekend, here are a few of my favorite links from around the web.

The Archive of Eating - This woman has my dream job gathering more than 3,400 recipes throughout history

I am planning on making this simple yet flavorful pasta dish with salty cheese and a hearty dose of black pepper

Turns out J. Crew's Jenna Lyons is just like us 

The A to Z of Anna Wintour - Silly facts about everyone's favorite editor

How kids answer questions about marriage (oldie but goodie) - My favorite quote is, " It’s better for girls to be single but not for boys. Boys need someone to clean up after them"

{Somebody wants to help with sorting candy}

{She brought her own Darth Vader too}

{My latest kitchen purchase}

{Teaspressa lattes make every morning better}

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