In the coffee - tea divide, I love both sides. Generally I go for coffee when I want a robust flavor with a caffeine boost and tea when I want something more delicately flavored with little to no caffeine. Teaspressa, the latest in beverage innovation, manages to check all the boxes.
The company utilizes finely ground tea to create espresso beverages and the results are delicious. I stumbled across the Arizona based company on Instagram about a year ago and when they appeared on Kickstarter seeking funds for marketing and branding to create an online shop, I backed them immediately. When my Teaspressa package arrived last month,  I was so giddy and couldn't wait to try all the flavors. The Charles Grey blend is my favorite (I'm an earl grey fanatic), but the basic black (Manhattan Black), green (Green Gold) , and decaf red (Cape Town) teas all have a permanent spot on my morning drink rotation. Although my own Teaspressa concoctions aren't quite as swoon worthy as those pictured on the Teaspressa instagram page, they are exactly what I envisioned flavor-wise. I intended to write a tutorial on how to use a stovetop espresso/moka pot to make Teaspressa a couple of weeks ago, but the Teaspressa blog beat me to the punch and does a thorough job explaining the process. You can read their tutorial here (recipes for lattes, cappucinos, macchiatos, etc are here) and check out the photos below for a visual representation of the process.

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