Star Wars Felt Characters

This blog originally started as a way to catalog recipes and craft projects for me to look back on. Over the years the readership has steadily grown and it warms my heart to know people actually read what I write. A big thank you to anyone reading this now. Today's post is simply pictures of a recent project Merle and I did together for posterity sake rather than a tutorial.

Felt is one of the cheapest supplies at craft stores and is a great material to have on hand for impromptu rainy day projects. Quiet books made from felt have become increasingly popular to keep toddlers occupied during activity lulls. Some quiet books focus on fine motor skills, such as use of zippers, buttons, snaps, etc, while others focus on creative play. Merle and I made a Star Wars version that allows her to create her own scenes with some of the key characters. As Merle described it, "I can make my own Jeffrey Brown book!" With some felt, scissors, glue, and needle and thread, her new quiet book supplies hours of imaginative play.

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