15 Under $15 for Toddler Girls

Row 1 C3PO Sweatshirt / Flannel Boyfriend Shirt
Row 2 Oui! T / Organic Cotton T / Ruffled Hem T / Star Wars T / Golden State Warriors T
Row 3 Legging Pants with Padded Knees / Heart Patch Leggings / Printed Legging Pant / Organic Cotton Printed Leggings / Heart Patterned Dress
Row 4 Sherpa Pullover / Sock 7 pack / Organic Cotton Camis

When it comes to Merle's clothes, I would prefer if she wore high quality eco friendly clothing from European designers all the time, but that isn't reality. Her base layers and jammies are always organic cotton, but the remainder of her wardrobe is a mix of high and low end pieces. Low end in terms of price doesn't necessarily mean low quality.
Gap makes a great basic legging and Target's Circo line makes a heavier weight 'legging pant' that has held up better than some of Merle's more expensive pants. Old Navy does graphic t-shirts well (we particularly like the numerous Star Wars options), although the best ones are in the boys section. Zara and H&M have also stepped up their game and both offer organic cotton collections with pricing on pair with their other items. It is becoming easier to create a high quality, durable wardrobe on a budget. Below are a few snaps of Merle in some of my budget friendly picks.

{Target leggings, Gap t-shirt, and Old Navy vest}

{Target sweatshirt}

{Old Navy t-shirt and flannel, Target leggings}

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