Weekend Roundup

{How I'm feeling today}
I'm feeling sleepier than normal on this muggy Friday. Hopefully Merle will let me sleep in tomorrow :) We may be going to the zoo tomorrow, but otherwise we're having a low key weekend. What are you up to this weekend? Wherever the next few days take you, I hope you enjoy! If you're in a reading mood, here are my favorite links from around the web.

DIY insect transfer wood plaques

A DIY rug that takes forever, but seems like it would be a simple/fun long term project

A riveting story about terrorism, a brother's loss, and an obsession for truth

{Merle has mastered swinging}

{Updating Merle's bedroom at my parents' house in anticipation of guests}

{Candid shot while apple picking}

{The apple picking gang}

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