DIY Play Tea Bag

I tend to avoid gendered toys for Merle, so that she never feels limited to "girl" roles. As she gets older and is around more children with differing viewpoints, we frequently discuss the lack of differences between the genders other than the anatomical ones (or as Merle would say, boys have tails). I want her to envision a limitation-free future for herself and craft an identity that is not based on what others think a girl should be like. With that said, when Merle wants to wear dresses, dance around the apartment in a tutu, or have tea parties, I encourage her to do that as well. However she chooses to express herself during play is okay with me as long as the choices are made by her alone. 

Pretend tea parties are a frequent source of fun with Merle. She likes to use tea bags to make the party more "real," but I hate wasting actual tea bags for play time. Instead I made play tea bags out of felt. They are infinitely reusable and inexpensive to make. Pictured here Merle is playing with a Fisher Price tea set, but she also uses our regular tea cups too.

Play Tea Bag

1 2"x5" piece light colored felt
1 1"x1" square of accent color felt
Needle and thread

Fold the light colored rectangle of felt in half. Sew two inches along one long edge of the folded felt then continue sewing another inch at a forty five degree angle. Tie a knot at the end of the thread. Repeat this seam on the opposite of the felt. This will leave a small opening at the end of the felt. Turn the tea bag inside out through the opening. 

Tuck in the edges of the opening. Sew one to two stitches to close the opening. Leave several inches of thread loose then sew one stich into the edge of the small square accent felt. Knot the thread on the back of the accent felt.

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