DIY Bat Mobile

Have I ever mentioned that I have I thing for mobiles? Well I do. I have at least one hanging in every room in the apartment. The subtle movements and the way their shadows dance across the wall is so soothing for me. Birds and sea creature motifs appear most frequently in my mobiles, but I decided to create one for Halloween. Bats immediately came to mind. With some basic supplies, like card stock, a twig, and twine, plus a few minutes of time, it's easy to create a bat mobile. 


1 sheet black card stock
Awl (or a pen)

Using an image of a bat silhouette or a free hand drawing, create a template bat out of a scrap piece of cardstock or index card. Trace the shape of the bat onto the black card stock as many times as desired. Cut it out using scissors. Use an awl or pen to create a hole in the body of each bat near where the head meets the torso. Be sure to put a self healing cutting mat or magazine under the bats to prevent the creation of holes in your furniture :)

Insert twine through each hole and tie a knot on the bottom of the bat. Cut the other end of twine to the desired length (the same length for all the bats or varying lengths). Tie each strand of twine attached to a bat to the twig. Once all the bat strands are secured, tie two long pieces of equal length twine to each end of the twig. Tie the strands together above the twig to create a triangle. 

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