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Now that it's been a few years since I graduated college (okay, four years), it feels like my Facebook newsfeed is a constant stream of engagement, wedding, and pregnancy announcements. It can be disheartening at times because I'm not on the same "path," but when one of my dearest friends announced her engagement (offline), I was ecstatic about the news. Who doesn't want their BFF to be married and joyously in love?! To celebrate, a store bought card wouldn't do, so I made this pop up congratulations banner card. Details on how to make the card are included below as well as a printable version of the banner in three different colors. The mini banners can also be used as a cake topper (pictured here) or in a plant or fairy garden (pictured here).

Congratulations Banner Card 

Printed banner
Glue and/or tape
String (embroidery floss or bakers twine)
1 sheet of cardstock
1 sheet of plain paper

1. Fold the cardstock and plain paper in half. The cardstock will be the exterior of the card and the plain paper will be the interior of the card. After printing the PDF below, cut out the desired flags.

2. Use closed scissor blades to score the flags towards the top, creating a triangle.

3. Lay out the flags to get an idea of desired spacing between flags. They will need to be fairly close together if you're doing a card with an 8.5" x 11" interior spread and spelling out congratulations in its entirety. 

4. Flip the flags over and put glue along the top edge of the flags. Lay the string (in this case bakers twine) along the scores lines and fold over the top portion of each flag to secure it to the string. Alternatively, tape the back of the flag together. 

5. Open the folded sheet of plain paper and lay the congratulations on top of it to determine the desired placement. Using an awl or other sharp pointed instrument, create a small hole in each end of the plain paper where the string will go through.

6. Pull each end of the string through holes created. Tape the lose end of the string to the back of the paper. 

7. Glue or tape the plain sheet of paper inside the folded sheet of cardstock. The card is ready to use. For the front, I did a custom illustration of one of the couple's engagement photos, but you can put whatever you want on the front of the card. 

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