Weekend Roundup

What are you up to this weekend? We escaped the city for the Pope's visit in an effort to avoid the tight security and the two million people descending upon Philadelphia. I'm currently snuggled up with Merle and we plan on keeping things relatively low key for the next few days. Apple picking, camping, and reading are our only to-dos. These activities also happen to be my favorite ways to celebrate the start of fall. Just call me #basic. Wherever the weekend takes you, I hope it brings you joy. Below are my favorite links from around the web this week, as well as a few pictures of Merle proudly proving she can still fit in a size 6-12 months sweater after I insisted we put it away for a future sibling. The joys of toddlerhood :)

A Toxic Work World 


  1. OMG that Restoration Hardware article cracked me up! I used to be obsessed with browsing Pottery Barn Teen when I was younger, and now that I am older it's amazing how much my perspective has changed! Definitely not realistic!

    1. I'm definitely guilty of still doing it ;-) This week Pottery Barn Kids sent out an email with gorgeous holiday room designs. One of the rooms had a big open hearth fireplace next to a fluffy Christmas themed bed. The kids in the photo were roasting marshmellows. At first I thought 'awwwww' then I thought 'who would let a toddler have a functional fireplace in their bedroom and let them roast marshmellows unattended?!' In real life the blankets on the bed would have probably caught on fire too. Pretty photos don't always make for the best real life experience.