Upcycled Crowns

These days I'm more envious of cool kid wardrobes than outfits donned by other women. My Instagram feed has been full of adorable wear-everyday crowns for tots (MerMag and ScoutFashion being my favorites) and I had to get one for Merle. Instead of buying a crown or making an elaborate DIY version, I kept things small and simple by upcycling a standard household item, an empty toilet paper roll. The circumference of the roll is perfect for recreating the trendy version of the crown. 

Toilet paper or paper towel roll
Acrylic paint (I used a plain white base coat and then the Martha Stewart acrylic paints in Satin Ballet Slipper and Gold Glitter)
Ribbon or thread

Trim the empty roll to the desired height. Cut out triangles along the top edge of the roll to create the crown peaks. 

Paint the roll using thin layers of paint. It is important to use thin layers, so the roll doesn't become wet and deteriorate. 

Once the roll is dry, create two holes using an awl. Each hole should be approximately one half inch to one inch above the bottom of the roll and the two holes should be positioned in parrell on opposite sides. 

Thread ribbon through each hole. Tie a knot at the end of the ribbon in the interior of the roll. 


Place the crown on the nearest princess. Tie a bow underneath their chin using the ribbon to secure the crown in place. 

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  1. I hate throwing toilet paper tubes away!! This is adorable, I'm gonna make some for my baby girl :)