DIY Lunchables

As a kid, I relished any opportunity to eat lunchables even though they tasted horrible, were expensive, and I didn't eat half the contents. There's something about having a small, compartmentalized lunch with a DIY aspect that kids love. After taking a gander at the ingredients list, I wouldn't let Merle eat a lunchable, but I created a similar version at home using higher quality ingredients.

DIY Lunchable
Serves 1

2 oz Lunch meat (I opted for antibiotic-free, nitrate-free roasted turkey)
2 oz Cheese (I opted for a mild cheddar and a raw aged cheddar)
5-6 crackers

Additional Supplies
Small cookie cutters

Cut the meat and cheese into fun shapes using (a) cookie cutter(s). Place the meat and cheese into separate cupcake molds. Add a fruit and/or vegetable into a third cupcake mold. Place all of the cupcake molds and crackers into the desired food storage container. 

I like to pack everything up at night, so it's a grab and go lunch in the morning. I also add a little lunch box love note on top :)

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