Wine Not?

I'm excited to announce today's guest post from one of my favorite authors, CJ English, who also happens to be a health and nutrition expert. Could CJ be any cooler?!

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Women, wine and weight loss, the love-loathe relationship that deserves a little clarification. In my years of working with women and weight loss, one question always seemed to come up; can I drink alcohol and still lose weight? The usual answer was no, haven’t you heard of empty calories?

But there are always a few exceptions to the rule. Like Tequila, at 64 calories a shot, three shots in, and your three sheets to the wind for little more than 200 calories. That’s less than one slice of pizza! So if we’re strictly talking weight loss here, it’d be better to shoot em’ up than chow it down. But it’s as unlikely that you’ll see me on the front lawn with a salt shaker and slice of lime, as I’d see you. However, you will see me with a glass of wine. Red wine. Cabernet preferably. With my husband nearby.

Mine is not the majority opinion here, so use your good sense and decide for yourself what works for you. But I am willing to bet drinking wine after dinner with your husband is NOT the largest contributing factor to your inability to lose weight. If you love the juice as much as I do, but you think you have to give it up to lose weight, think again. Start by evaluating a few other factors first.
Start with excess sugar for example, the undisputed champion of fat storage; the heavy hitter producing love handles. One sugar cube is the equivalent of 4 grams of sugar. A typical nonfat yogurt has 20 grams. That’s 5 sugar cubes! Would you eat 5 sugar cubes at lunch if they were in the palm of your hand?

One NutriGrain cereal bar has the equivalent of 3 sugar cubes, and that fat-free, sugar-free latte you love isn’t sugar free, it has 20 grams of sugar on average, or 5 more sugar cubes. In the world of health and weight loss, the less sugar the better, but if you’re consuming over 30 grams of sugar (7-8 cubes) per day, you’d get the finger shake from your personal trainer and probably not lose much weight unless you’re training for a local marathon.  Start reading labels and keep it under 30 grams of sugar a day.

So, how much sugar is in one generous glass of red wine? .9 grams. Yes you read that right, 0.9 grams. That’s equivalent to the granules left in your hand after merely handling a single sugar cube.
It is my non-scientific, completely unproven observation that my clients who drink red wine in the evenings are the ones who don’t binge eat after dinner, or eat ice cream at 10 pm. The wine drinkers are plenty satisfied with their elixir and don’t eat at night. The non-winos get their fix on other snacks that likely are much higher in calories and sugar than a glass or two of vino. If you remember anything about weight loss remember this…

The single worst thing you can do to sabotage your weight loss plan is to eat late at night.

You can be sure that whatever you eat after 6pm is going to be stored on your @ss. So is having a yogurt (5 cubes) better than having two glasses of red wine in terms of weight loss? Some say all alcohol is evil and you won’t lose weight unless you give it up. I disagree. You decide.

Bio: C.J. English is an Amazon Kindle Best Selling Author in Love and Romance. She made her debut with the sexy and scandalous memoir AFFAIRYTALE (read my glowing review of the book here). C.J. lives happily ever after with the man of her dreams and their growing family. She is a lover of life and sushi, wine and wandering.

When not spending quality time with her family or laptop, you can find her in the kitchen with a stop watch trying to set a new world record for slicing vegetables. C.J. has consulted within the wellness and weight loss industries for fifteen years. She was finishing her long awaited weight loss cookbook when AFFAIRYTALE side tracked her. C.J. is a passionate vegetarian who holds masters in natural health and nutrition.

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