DIY Stamps

I love the back to school season. I anxiously await the cooler temperatures, the return to structured schedules and clothing, and oh course back to school sales. I've been out of school for a few years and Merle is still a couple of years away from elementary school, but I love stocking up on craft supplies during back to school sales. Coloring supplies, paper, and other miscellaneous craft goodies are at their cheapest price of the year now. Last week I went to Staples for their 3 pack wedge erasers on sale for 25 cents in stores (regularly $2.29). Wedge erasers are perfect for making custom stamps at home. With just an eraser and an Exacto knife, just about any stamp can be made. The only design constraint is the size of the eraser which is fairly large. Merle and I love making stamps to be used for decorating gift bags, stationary, or really anything paper that needs a bit more personality. This week we created a few new designs including her initials, a bird, and dinosaur footprints. Full details on how you can make your own are included below.



1. Draw desired stamp design on the back of a post-it note near and/or on top of the sticky portion. Flip the post-it note over and secured the design to the eraser using the sticky portion of the post-it. 

2. Trace the design onto the eraser using an Exacto knife. 

3. Make decisions on positive and negative space. Where the eraser protrudes, the space will be filled in with ink. Where the eraser is cut into, the space will be empty when stamped. 

4. To make it easier when removing portions of the eraser, make diagonal cuts into the top of the eraser flesh first then make long parallel cuts through the side of the eraser. 

5. Continue this process until the entire design is cut out. 

6. Smooth out any dough edges by slowly making cuts into the eraser. 

7. Shake the eraser upside down to remove any loose particles. 

8. Dip into ink and stamp. 

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