Carrot Orzotto

I don't often read magazines, but when X had surgery last week, I flicked through a few magazines at the hospital. Better Homes and Garden had a lot of great recipes, which I was pleasantly surprised by. I took photos of the recipes I was interested in and started making a couple of them this week. First up was carrot orzotto and it was a winner. Merle has a mild obsession with "carrot soup" (she is always making it in her little kitchen), so she was delighted to have a carrot based meal for real. Carrot orzotto is orzo prepared like risotto using a carrot juice-broth mixture and the addition of shredded carrots. The orzo is toasted in butter and olive oil, the carrots are tossed in, and then liquid is slowly stirred in until it is absorbed. At the end, lemon juice and feta cheese were added for acidity and saltiness respectively. The consistency and flavor is nothing like risotto, but it was delicious none the less and took about twenty minutes to make start to finish. 

{Merle couldn't wait to start eating}

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