Weekend Roundup

{Sliding into the weekend}

It's Friday, Friday, Fridaaaaaayyy! With the heat wave in Philly, I'm excited to do nothing this weekend, but cool off in Merle's baby pool. I'm starting to get anxious for my solo vacation to San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle in three weeks. Any tips or must see places in those cities? The toughest part for me will be separation from Merle, so I am trying to focus on the fun parts like planning what to pack and activities to do while I'm there. Anything fun planned this weekend? I'll be sharing pictures of how we beat the heat over on instagram this weekend (@rainydaysunshine). If you're in a reading mood, check out this week's link roundup below.

My morning routine - Delve into the morning routines of over 130 people worldwide (thanks for sharing Jade!)

Menstrual cups are a feminist issue 

How to pack a carry-on for a week 

I laughed out loud at this dinosaurs in the garden story

Session drinks  aka how to day drink like a pro

{Wild flower finds}

{Merle's quiet time creation}

{Once asleep, I'm instantly reminded of Merle as a baby}

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