Ravishing Radishes

Some times the simplest meals are the best meals. A couple of years ago I went to a restaurant named fig in New York City. The menu was minimalistic, but the food was phenomenal. One of my favorite dishes was radishes with butter and salt. That was it. Radishes. Butter. Salt. The crunchy, spicy bite of the radish contrasted with the rich, creamy butter and the added salt heightened the flavor union. It was such a simple combination, but one I hadn't thought of before and it tasted good.

Since then I've recreated the dish a few times at home. The key is high quality ingredients. Ideally the radishes are farm fresh. Small ones can be served whole and larger ones get cut in half. For butter, I used unsalted Kerrygold, my favorite Irish butter from grass fed cows. At fig, sea salt was used if I remember correctly, but I used kosher salt, because it's what I keep on hand for everyday use.

No recipe is needed for this one. Take a radish, spread on a pat of softened butter, and sprinkle with salt. But maybe not as much as is pictured. It took a few trys to photograph the sprinkling action one handed. Oopsies. After setting up for the perfect bite, prepare to savor the awakened flavors. It's a delicious starter or side dish to pair with a rustic meal. 

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