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MakingMe Tea Party

I have a mild obsession with tea parties. Merle's second birthday was a tea party and we went to a tea room for my twenty fifth birthday. My sisters are also fans and go to a local tea room for afternoon once every month or so. Tea parties can be elaborate (read: expensive) events, but they can also be simple and easy. After all the British have them daily. My favorite elements are the basic, yet flavorful sandwiches, mini sweets, and of course the tea itself. Over Labor Day weekend, my sisters and I decided to throw an impromptu tea party in my parents' backyard. We had about five minutes to plan on our drive home from somewhere before I ran into the grocery store to pick up the supplies. We were all hungry, so food prep had to take 15 minutes are less. The girls took Merle and dressed up in fancy-ish dresses and hats while I prepped the food and planned the table scape. Someday I want to curate a collection of vintage tea pots and cups explicitly for our tea parties, but for the time being I used what my parents had on hand. Tea parties are one of the few things we all enjoy, including Merle, so it was fun to have sister time and bond during the event. If you're looking to create a tea party in a flash, here's what I suggest...


Open face cucumber sandwiches
The quick version: Combine whipped chive cream cheese with fresh dill and garlic powder in a bowl. Spread onto toasted pre-sliced sourdough bread and top with sliced cucumber, dill sprigs, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

The full version: Recipe here

Open face egg salad sandwiches
The quick version: Pay pre-made egg salad. Scoop onto toasted pre-sliced sourdough bread.

The full version: Recipe here

Mini scones
The quick version: Buy pre-made scones and serve in a pretty bowl

The full version: Recipe here

Fruit salad
The quick version: Stick to one, easy to cut fruit like strawberries or opt for a pre-made fruit salad.

The quick version: Ask your tea party goers what their favorite teas are on your way to the store, so there's not pressure to find an assortment to fit every possible taste.

Table scape

Instead of shelling out money for expensive tiered trays to go with the tea party them, make your own. Use overturned tea cups and glasses in between various sizes of plates. This technique can also be used to elevate bowls or single plates to add height to the table scape.

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