Father's Day Cake Topper

Remember the mini pennant banner from Merle's dinosaur fairy garden? I loved it so much, I was waiting for chance to create another one. Father's Day is just that opportunity. I couldn't make up my mind on what I wanted the banner to say, so I designed a few including 'happy father's day,' 'love you daddy,' 'baba' (what Merle calls Xiao, it's Chinese for father), and 'who's your daddy.' At the end of this post, is a free printable with all of the banner options. I used them as a cake topper, but you could also use them on other food (stack of burgers maybe?), in a planter, or on top of a gift. Pictured here are the 'who's your daddy' and 'baba' versions. For 'who's your daddy,' I scanned and printed illustrations from Jeffrey Brown's Vader's Little Princess taped to toothpicks. For 'baba' I added gold dinosaur cupcake toppers. X and Merle seemed to love both :D Instructions on how to make the banners are below.

Father's Day Pennant Banner

Printed banner
String (embroidery floss or bakers twine)
Kebab sticks

Cut out the desired flags.

Use closed scissor blades to score the flags towards the top, creating a triangle.

Lay out the flags to get an idea of desired spacing between flags.

Flip the flags over and put glue along the top edge of the flags. Lay the string (in this case gold embroidery floss) along the scores lines and fold over the top portion of each flag to secure it to the string. Knot each end of the string to a kebab stick.

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