Weekend Roundup

What are you up to this weekend? I plan on taking things slow and focusing on the little things. Tomorrow morning I'm whipping up a big pancake breakfast for Merle and I to be savored on the balcony before the weather gets too hot. Beyond that and a bit of recipe testing, I'm just going to sit back and let the weekend flow. Far too often I find myself trying to squeeze the life out of weekends, putting every moment to use. At the end of the weekend, I'm usually frustrated for not getting everything done on my overly ambitious to-do list and not having relaxed enough. So I'm going to try to slow things down this weekend and soak up every moment with Merle. If you're in a reading mood, here are the links that stoked my mind this week.

Slow parenting

The 'optical illusion' of being biracial 

Start changing the world by "acting as if" (Penn's graduation speech this year)

{$3 Target umbrella for the win}

{Tea party delight}

{Sharing secrets}

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