Weekend Roundup

{Sassy Pants}

In Philadelphia, we seemed to have skipped right over spring and gone straight into summer. It has been above 80 degrees every day this week and I'm sick of the heat already. Whiner over here! I'm planning on doing a little summer dress shopping and iced latte recipe tasting to help beat the heat this weekend. Merle inherited my aversion to heat, so a bit of outdoor water play is also in order. For Mother's Day, I see a day spent cuddling with Merle, reading, and eating yummy food. We'll see what actually happens :) Wherever the weekend takes you, I hope it's filled with love for the mothers in your life and with a hefty dose of relaxation. Before you go, here's a roundup of my favorite links from around the web this week plus a few more pictures from Merle's birthday weekend.

{'Mom, does this line look straight to you?'}
{Family portrait in chalk}
{Mini carousel at a random ice cream shop in rural Maryland}
{The happiest birthday girl}
{Birthday after party on the Chesapeake Bay}

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