Tutus for Toys

Last week when sharing photos from Merle's Dinosaur Lake birthday party, I promised a tutorial for the mini tutus her dinosaurs wore. It was a simple process and can easily be customized to suit the size any tutu loving toy. I used a roll of 6 inch wide tulle for our dinos, which was perfect, but for large toys, the standard 54 inch by the yard tulle may work better.


Bakers twine (optional)


Unroll the tulle. Fold the tulle to form a square. Repeat the fold three or four times accordion style as the tulle continues to unroll. Cut the folded square segments from the roll of tulle. Taking the square in hand, cut off the corners to form a circle. Fold the circle in half. Cut a small semicircle out of the middle. Unfold the tulle circles and slide onto the desired  toy. If desired, top the tutu with a bow made from thin ribbon or bakers twine.

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