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Recently I read an article on a fashion site about how the skinny jean trend is dead. It made me so mad. I spend days and weeks thinking about it. My pant wardrobe it almost exclusively comprised of skinny legs. I was furious that the trend is supposedly coming to an end. As someone with an hour glass figure, other fits end up making me look bottom heavy. I was nervous about the expense of replacing my jeans and pants with styles that don't even look good on me. After spending so much time agonizing over the demise of skinny jeans, it finally dawned on me.
Why should I care so much about what's on trend? Did I wear skinny jeans before they were trendy? Yes. Have I worn them for the past 25 years? Yes. Will I continue wearing them after the trend dies? Yes! I wear skinny jeans not because they are a trend, but because they make me look and feel my best. Ultimately fashion isn't about wearing what everyone else is wearing, just because it's on trend. Fashion is about self expression and putting your best self forward, however you envision that to look. There's my stand on the soap box for today. I had to get it off my chest. 

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