Top 3 Tips for Crispy Pizza

Let's talk pizza crust. Everyone has their own preferences, but for me, I want my crust crisp on the outside and slightly chewey on the inside. I've spent the past few years experimenting with homemade pizza and there are a few keys to getting the crust just how I like it every time. 

1. Coat it in cornmeal

Lightly coat the bottom of the pizza crust with a bit of olive oil and cornmeal. The cornmeal will toast while baking and gurantee a crunchy exterior. 

2. Let the oven fully preheat

I get impatient when it comes to pizza. I want it in my belly ASAP, but the crust is SO much better when the pizza goes into a scorching hot oven. A fully preheated oven ensures that the outside is crispy with the interior remaining soft and chewey. 

3. Preheat the baking sheet (or stone) too

The crust become instantly crisp as it hits the hot baking sheet. It sears the underside of the crust without burning it. 

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