Dinosaur Fairy Garden

One of my favorite gifts for Merle's third birthday was her dinosaur fairy garden. X has a few dinosaur gardens that we made last year for Father's Day and Merle has been asking for one of her own. For her party, it functioned as both a present and a decorative centerpiece. I kept the plants light so there was ample space for playing with dinos. At home we store the garden on the window sil, but Merle is constantly asking to bring it down so I know she loves it :)

To fill the garden, I chose plants with similar light, soil, and water needs, in this case a pink moon cactus and hobbit jade plant. Both have a visually intriguing shape and require minimal care. I also like that the bright pink of the moon cactus adds a pop of color without being too overwhelming like flowers could potentially be. A few weeks before her birthday, I let Merle pick out a few items from JoAnn Fabrics to put inside the garden while they were having a 60 percent off sale on fairy garden accessories. She wanted the bee hive, fairy, cow, and rocking chair with a table (I also picked up the container there). All of the items could have been homemade, which is what I was originally envisioning, like this chair made from twigs, but sometimes the project list needs to be trimmed. 

I used Miracle Gro's Cactus Soil to fill the garden and inserted the plants. To cover up the dirt, I used a bag of small stones from a dollar store and then topped it off with moss. Then came the accessories Merle picked out as well as a few items from around the house, including mini gold dinosaurs and a miniature tea set. Dinosaurs like tea parties too. There's an Internet fact for you.

{It's a tea partay}
The garden still felt a little boring, so I designed a couple of extra items I envisioned, namely a wooden pathway, wooden directional signage, a stone wall to divide up space, and a welcome pennant banner. I printed everything out on card stock, but another option would be to print it out on regular paper and wrap each item in packaging tape (faux lamination). The banner was probably my favorite. After cutting out the flags, I folded the told portion down and glued it down over bakers twine. The twine was then knotted around kebab sticks, which were inserted into the garden pointed end down. Merle and I love how it turned out! 

{We're still not sure yet whether the cow is friend or food for the dinosaurs}
In case you have a fairy and/or dinosaur garden of your own, I've included the single page printable below. The welcome banner could go in just about any indoor plant and I also think it would be an adorable cake topper. If you think of any other ideas for it, let me know ;)

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