Weekend Roundup

This week has been killer. I had a stomach bug that wouldn't quit, so I struggled to be functional. It was disappointing not being able to fully enjoy my birthday, but the outpouring of love and kindness from friends and family made me feel so special. X and my family took care of Merle day after day, all while babying me, which all the moms out there know that never happens. Regardless of the stomach bug, it was a wonderful birthday because it reminded me how much I value the people in my life. Cheers to a quarter century. If you're in a reading mood this weeked, check out the links below.

Choose greatness. Yes, yes, and yes!

We have a cream colored couch from Ikea and while Merle occasionally makes a mess on it, I'm the biggest mess offender. I put my coffee mug on the arms and it leaves coffee stains on the couch. Yikes! This wooden sofa sleeve tutorial has me excited.

Portraits of women on their first day of motherhood. I didn't look as good as these ladies.

I've been obsessed with the idea of making my own popsiciles this summer, so I was over the moon when I saw these homemade nut milk creamsicles recipes.

The minimalist pixie dream girl: who she is and why I hate her - If you only read one of the links this week, read this one.

Elementary school memories  Because an occasional reminder of childhood is fun :)

5 ways to make your bedroom a sanctuary. We need a new mattress.

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