One Piece Wonder: Striped Dress

Dress / Necklace / Shoes (similar)
Ah warmer weather. Either you love it or you hate it and I have to admit, once the temperature goes above 70 degrees, I hate it. The sweating, the frizzy hair, the lethargy, the headaches from the sun blasting in my eyes. I don't like any of it. The one positive of warmer weather is the proliferation of one piece outfits. Being able to throw a single piece on and be ready to run out the door is a big time saver in the morning. The most obvious one piece outfit is a dress. I find that choosing the right dress (or other one piece) makes all the difference between looking like you were rushed getting ready and looking put together.

For me, this dress from Ann Taylor Loft checks all the boxes. It's a classic shirt dress with a bit of personality by way of the striped back paneling that extends longer than the front. The dress also has pockets, which gets it extra kudos. I bought it in a size larger (small) to give it a slouchier look and to make sure there was enough length to make it office appropriate. With the warmer weather, I wear the dress by itself with strappy sandals and when it was cooler, I layered it with black tights and booties. Can you tell I love this dress? Check back in next week for another one piece outfit.

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