Alternative Easter Basket Fillers

Waited until the last minute to do Easter prep? Yea, me too. I'm staunchly against giving Merle sweets (I don't think any kids should eat them), so her Easter basket won't be featuring any of the hallmark candy of the holiday. I also don't want to spend a ton on her basket fillings, especially with it being so close to her birthday. The Dollar Tree or Amazon is where I pick up most of the items, but I do splurge on a few pricier items that will get use year round. Here's my roundup of Easter basket fillings without sugar. 

Craft Supplies

-Pom poms - These are one of mine and Merle's favorite craft supplies. They're good for practicing colors and sorting and for practicing using chopsticks. Merle keeps the pom poms stored in plastic eggs all year round and pretends to crack the eggs open, spilling the contents into a toy skillet. 

-Googly eyes - Googly eyes make every craft a little sillier and make a fun maraca when stored in a plastic egg. 

-Foam stickers - Merle's really into the letter and number ones lately. 

-Watercolor paints - Invariably Merle mixes up the watercolor paints and the lighter colors like yellow turn into a drab version of themselves. I've been meaning to buy Merle a new set, so Easter is a perfect excuse to do so. 

Toys and Books

-Mini wooden puzzles - Michael's typically has a few different mini wooden puzzles in the dollar bin. Merle loves playing with them. 

-Plastic animal figurines - Our favorites are dinosaurs and farm animals

-Paperback books - As a graphic designer, I like getting Merle books that are beautifully printed and bound. BUT let's be real, at 2 she's still a little tough on books and hardcover bound books are heavy to carry around. I always keep a few paperback picture books in the diaper bag to keep Merle occupied in case she gets impatient on the train, at a restaurant, etc. You know the type that are 8" x 8" printed on regular paper with the spines stapled together? They are typically $3 or $4 a piece. We're fans of the Berenstain Bears, Curious George, Clifford, and Richard Scarry versions, but there are literally hundreds of options. 


-Hair ties - More hair ties are always needed. 

-Bows - Merle's just started to let me put bows in her hair and I love it. I tend to stick with neutrals like navy, gray, and chambray that can go with any outfit. 

-Organic Lip balm - Even in the warmer months, lip balm is a good thing to keep in the diaper bag and Merle loves getting her own. 

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