3 Free Ways To Organize and Save Space

For the past eight years, I've lived in an apartment or dorm. I felt like I was pretty good at keeping the places we lived organized, but after having Merle, it was a lot more challenging to stay clutter free. The amount of stuff we have continues to grow while our apartment size remains static. Clutter makes me go a little bonkers (anyone else feel like that? I literally can't function when there's a mess), so I've been trying new ways to organize. Reading blogs or other sites about organization generally isn't fruitful for me. They say, 'organization is so easy if you buy x number of these crazy expensive boxes and this even more expensive framing to hold the boxes and these essential gold hooks and..and...and...' I hate that. I want to organize what I currently have, not spend an obscene amount of money to bring more stuff into an already cramped space. With a bit of trial and error, I've come up with three ways to organize and save space without buying anything new. At the core, all of these solutions rely on finding under utilized space. You may not believe it now, but I'm almost positive you have empty space in your place, you just need a little help knowing where to look.

1. Go underneath

Chances are good you have something in your home that is raised off the ground like a bed, couch, or table. The distance between the floor and the bottom of the furniture is free space. Use it! Our coffee table has toys, DVDs, and TV peripherals filling the space beneath it, so that the top is clutter free. Yes, they are baskets pictured here, but I've had them for four years and they were cheap ones from Target.

 2. Put it on the wall

If open space is what you're looking for, start moving things onto the wall. Shelves are an obvious solution, but some clutter causing items can go directly on the wall themselves like jewelry. I use clear pushpins I keep on hand to hang up necklaces and bracelets on a bathroom wall. It's functional art.

3. Change the way you stack

We have A LOT of books in the apartment (re: yesterday's post) and they can quickly take over the space. Switching up the way the books are stacked, including some that are laying down and some that are standing up, has opened up counter space.

What are your favorite methods of organization? Any good tips?

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