Weekend Roundup

The week started out a little rough, when the dryer in our building broke and I had two loads of soaking wet laundry hung from every surface in the apartment. My frustration at the mess and inconvenience made me bitter and angry. I'm ashamed to say that it took me a few days to get myself in check. There are worse things in life than wet laundry. We got a few inches of snow that brought some challenges with daycare cancellations, but ultimately I was happy to see another glimpse of winter in its full glory. I'm not sure what the weekend has in store for us, though I'm hoping to take the time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life that I normally take for granted. I hope you do too. Check out the links below that had my wheels turning this week.

Exploring the Beanie Baby obsession of the 90s

Lavender Latte Milkshake, yes please!

Love the look of this studded bracelet 

Snowy campus views

X casually made this while water painting with Merle (putting my art projects with her to shame)

A lot of toddler wearing this week because of all the snow

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