Easter Egg Decorating Inspiration

Merle is pretty good about staying relatively mess free when doing craft projects, but having an almost three year old decorate eggs with dye seems like a disaster waiting to happen. A much safer (read: mess free) route is to decorate plastic eggs with stickers. Stickers can be pricey and aren't necessarily in the designs I like, so I made my own using scraps of metallic Con-Tact paper. Lately Con-Tact paper has been my favorite item in the craft drawers. There's an endless list of projects to be made with just one roll! I love the high end look of the metallic versions, but there are plenty of interesting patterns to spice things up. For this project, I think the batik blue, cherry wood grain, and chalkboard versions would also look great. 

For our Easter eggs, the paper was cut into geometric shapes like stripes, polka dots, and triangles plus a few letters for Merle's initials and letter recognition practice. The great thing is, there are no limits to what shapes, objects, letters, etc that can be made. I think I might need to trace a few dinosaur heads :) No tutorial is needed, because it's a simple process of cut, peel, and stick, all of which can be done by toddlers with the help of a grown up. If a strip of Con-Tact paper gets placed over the seam of the plastic egg, run an Exacto blade over the seam so there are no problems opening the egg. 

How do you like to decorate your eggs? Do you decorate plastic eggs, hardboiled eggs, or not at all?

P.S. In case you're thinking about it, don't use the fancy paper punches for this. Learn from my mistake. The adhesive gets stuck in the punch and is not fun to try to get out. 

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