Dinosaur Decal

When you buy a roll of Con-Tact Metal Fx, you can't help but constantly think of new project ideas. At least that's what happened with me. I had a few scraps left over from the last couple of projects (holiday fireplace and gilded frame) and was simultaneously looking for a way to personalize the area around Merle's toddler bed. Decals seemed a natural fit because they don't take up space and there's no risk of injury if it were to fall off.  The problem was most decals feature colorful cartoon characters and we try to avoid the typical character branded decor for Merle. Why shouldn't kids be surrounded by beautifully designed spaces too? Custom designed decals are relatively easy to come by, but they can be pricey. I decided to make my own using the leftover copper contact paper and dinosaur silhouettes.

This is one of those DIYs that requires so few supplies, it barely requires instructions. Below I break it down step by step, but really all that's needed is a silhouetted image of the animal, object, or letters you want as a decal, contact paper, and a cutting implement. We plan on doing a whole herd of dinosaurs along Merle's bed :)


Image source (we used the two dinosaur books pictured above: left, right)
Pen or pencil


1. Find an image from which you want to create a silhouette. Place tracing paper over the image and outline the image.

2. Cut out the image from the tracing paper. 

3. Place the tracing face down on the backside of the contact paper. Duplicate the image on the contact paper but outlining the tracing.

4. Cut out the shape from the contact paper. For spaces inside the silhouette (spaces between legs, arms, etc), cut out them out using an Exacto knife over a self healing cutting mat.

5. The decal is ready for use. Slowly remove the backing and adhere to the desired spot on the wall. Use a firm surface, like a book, to smooth any bubbles.

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