Dinosaur Coloring Pages

This week I've been working on a few projects for Merle's birthday party. The theme is Dinosaur Lake, like the ballet Swan Lake, except with dinosaurs. I will be using a lot of dinosaurs both in 3D (plastic figurines) and in 2D (banner, invites, etc) versions. For Merle's friends at daycare, I'm making little dinosaur coloring books. The past two nights I've stayed up until midnight designing the dinosaurs. Ha! Exciting life, I know. Today I'm sharing the first six dinosaurs, which includes a stegasaurus, triceratops, T-rex, camarasaurus, plesiosaur, and quetzalcoatlus. Each coloring page is formatted for letter sized paper and includes a dinosaur with a tutu (except for quetzalcoatlus). Download the PDF file below.

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