Weekend Roundup

Is it just me or does today not feel like Friday? It's been a hectic few days and I'm looking forward to taking a time out this weekend. But first we'll be taking a trip to China Town to celebrate the new year. Because it's the first weekend after the holiday, there will be plenty of events going on. I'm looking forward to good food and stocking up on a few Chinese cooking essentials, plus going to my favorite cafe from our coffee tour of Philadelphia in the fall. Merle has been excited to go all week, so she can speak Chinese. I need to step up my language skills otherwise X and Merle will be sharing secrets without me ;) What about you? Any exciting plans for the weekend? If you're looking for something to do, check out my favorite links from around the web this week.

Almond cheese? Consider it made.

Currently swooning over these shoes as seen here.

I plan on making a few of these DIY gilded marble hexagon trays for Merle's birthday party.

American children try breakfasts from around the world. Laughs ensue.

Looking forward to trying this morning yoga wake up routine

Dare I say this weaving looks so simple, even I could do it? It's on my to-make list.

Famous paintings that describe college nights out 

Thinking warm thoughts...
Dinosaurs follow us everywhere we go
My little snow angel

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