Weekend Roundup

A cutie even with a mouth full of food and Simba hair
Another week is over. How did it become February already?! Winter's chill is upon us, but the first signs of spring are starting to appear, like longer hours of daylight and the presence of song birds. When Merle and I walked home from daycare last night, we had a riveting discussion defining daytime and nighttime, and why dawn and dusk exist. It's amazing seeing how much her mind has developed in just under three years and how she constructs her understanding and perceptions about the world around around her. This time last year I was weaning her and now she's a child. It is truly incredible how quick little ones grow. Speaking of Merle growing up, I've decided on her third birthday party theme: dinosaur lake. It's a combination of the ballet Swan Lake and dinosaurs. I'm envisioning a lot of gold and silver with accents of navy and pale pink. Stay tuned for photos of dinosaurs in tutus, feather hairpieces, and ballet slippers :) Wherever the weekend takes you, I hope it's filled with inspiration and creativity. Check out a few links that had my wheels turning this week.

Man walks 21 mile commute to work daily. And I thought my one and a half mile commute each way was bad. 

A moving story about one woman's experience with abortion 

I plan on trying out this recipe for DIY Biore blackhead removing strips tomorrow 

The simplistic beauty of these sky blue resin and gold rings has me wanting to start a birthday list early 

All of these ideas are great for using Instagram  photos.

My latest food obsession

Project in progress

What Merle's lunch looks like: grapes, edamame, raspberries, and an almond butter sandwich

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