Red Lips

Generally speaking I keep makeup minimal because a) I don't have time and b) I've never been a huge makeup fan. If I have expendable time and money, I would rather spend it on clothes. That being said, sometimes a girl needs a little something extra in the beauty department as a confidence booster. One of those times had me running into Ulta in search of something to brighten up my normal day to day look. There's nothing quite like a bold red lip to make one feel instantly feminine and pretty.

The shade I picked, 'fierce' by Tarte, manages to give the appearance of more luminous skin and make the green and gold hues in my irises pop. I'm not going to lie, the first time I put it on, I was wowed and then immediately thought 'do I look like a clown wearing this much makeup?' I've gotten past the 'clown?!?' phase and I find myself smiling more and feeling beautiful anytime I put it on. On days when I feel like a run down mom decades older than my years, I add a few strokes of red lipstick and voila! I feel presentable. 

Lipstick application always seemed a little scary to me, but it's really not. Lip liner is essential though. I chose a liner color nearly identical to the lipstick (in this case, Ulta Lip Crayon in Glamour) and slowly outlined the shape of my lips. Then I colored them in with the liner too. This helps the lipstick stay put. I followed with two strokes of lipstick and the stereotypical lip rub and teeth check. 

Do you wear lipstick? Would you try a bold red lip?


  1. I love the lip stick! I recommend trying a cool toned red :) they are my favorite

    1. Thanks Rochelle! Your lipstick always rocks so I'll be sure to try cool tones next time ;)