Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review

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I'll start by saying that I loved the books, but with all the negative press surrounding the movie version, I set my expectations low. Let's be honest, the books weren't exactly literary masterpieces. The language was repetitive, the word choice was questionable, and sometimes grammar and proper syntax were thrown out the window. That being said, the story line and characters were engrossing. I appreciate kink, so I didn't buy into the feminist view that the relationship was "abusive". I was excited for a film adaptation, but it fell short of the book. 

Both of the lead actors get an A for effort. On their own, each actor gave a strong performance, but there was zero chemistry between the two. On the plus side, Jamie Dornan is exactly how I envision Christian, so I was happy to stare at his face for two hours. By the end of the movie, the chemistry improved somewhat, which I think came over time as the actors got more comfortable with one another. The relationship with the most chemistry in the movie was Anastasia and Kate, played by Dakota Johnson and Eloise Mumford. They were believable friends. 

Overall I got the sense the movie was shot from the perspective of someone who didn't like the books. There was very little plot and character development was nonexistent. The negative aspects of Christian and Anastasia's relationships were highlighted, while the positive aspects were completely drained from the film. The passionless spanking sessions ended up being more of an eyesore than anything else without the arousal and tender moments that followed in the books. It went from one scene to another without much connection between. Choppy is the most apt description of the movie. With all the fades used to cut from scene to scene, it looked like one of my college video projects. And let's just say I don't do my best work in film ;) If the remaining movies are to be saved, the director has to go. 

Have you seen the movie or read the books? What are your thoughts? 

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