DIY Decal Frame

Remember the DIY fireplace I shared over the holidays? Well I'm reusing metallic copper contact paper for today's project, a DIY decal frame. For Christmas I received the print I've been oohing and aweing over the the past couple of years, Clare Elsaesser's "Married to the Sea" (thanks Muz and Pop!). I wanted to do something to make it really pop on the wall in our bedroom at the same time I was cleaning up Christmas decor. One thing led to another and a simple, elegant frame was born. It came together in minutes with the most difficult part being cutting a straight line with no guide. If you're cutting new pieces of contact paper, this is a non-issue because the back has a grid printed on it for easy measuring and cutting. If you have posters, photos, or prints to hang, this is an inexpensive way to create a visual showcase. 


Image (the one pictured is available here)


Determine how large you want the frame to be. Adhere the desired image to the wall using removable mounting strips. Hold up a ruler to get an idea of how large you want the frame to be. I chose for the frame to be three inches thick. I needed four rectangles to create the frame. Two were the height of the print plus six inches (three inches for each end) by three inches wide. The other two rectangles were the width of the print by three inches tall. Using a ruler, or the grid on the back of the contact paper, measure and cut all four rectangles. 

Remove the first inch or so of backing from one of the longer rectangles. Measure three inches from the top of the print (or however thick your frame will be) and begin pressing the uncovered contact paper onto the wall. Use the back of a book (or another firm, yet slightly flexible edge) to slowly press the contact paper to the wall while removing the backing. If any bubbles appear, slow down and press the bubble out using a book. Repeat the process first with the other long strip and then with the two shorter strips. 

Ta da! Look at that beautiful frame. Merle asks me every night if it's a painting of me haha. I plan on picking up a few more of Clare Elsaesser's prints sea prints in various sizes and framing them the same way. 

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