Cherry Almond Scones

Until recently, I didn't care for scones. I felt like they were too dry and crunchy for a breakfast pastry. It turns out that was because I hadn't had a good scone before. During our Poconos trip over the holidays, I had the BEST scones at our hotel and I've been obsessed ever since. Ordering them from a bakery gets expensive and unless they're freshly baked, chances are good the scones will be dry...
A couple weekends ago I decided to bake my own cherry almond version. Using this recipe and adding in a cup and a half of dried cherries plus a half cup of ground almonds, it was simple and inexpensive to make a dozen scones. Because scones are best when eaten straight from the oven with a pat of butter, I left most of the scones unbaked and stored in the freezer for whenever a scone craving strikes. Typing this up makes me want one now. Scones: perfect for breakfast and late night snacking. I'm looking forward to making more batches with different flavor combinations. Currently I'm thinking of bacon, cheddar, and chive for a savory option and grapefruit cardamom for a sweet and smoky option.

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