Weekend Roundup

Merle playing outside during the "blizzard" we got this week

Oh man am I ready for this week to be over. It was one of those everything that could go wrong, goes wrong kind of weeks. To top off the week, Merle woke up around midnight Wednesday into Thursday and started projectile vomiting everywhere. It broke my heart listening to her scared, I'm-in-pain crying while she got sick. She stayed up all night and couldn't keep any solids or liquids down yesterday. Finally at dinner time she managed to have a bowl of chicken broth without getting sick. I'm hoping the trend continues and she gets some extra rest tonight. Seeing your child sick and being helpless to make it better is the worst part of parenting. This weekend I'm keeping the to do list to a minimum (minus a thorough disinfecting of the apartment) so I can focus on cuddling and quiet time with Merle. To help kick start the weekend mindset, here's a few links from around the web.

The health benefits of drinking whiskey. After this week, I don't care either way 

Korean contouring to fake a smaller face 

Modern magic: brain dust and sex dust. Discovered via goop

And because I've had a really tough week, I'll be revisiting one of my favorite lists of eyecandy 

Pretty lighting on an early morning walk to the gym
I love the design of this sign

Merle, shoes, and macaroons. What's not to love.

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  1. Poor Merle and Mommy!!! I am so sorry she was sick. Everyone should rest up this weekend!