Upcycled Giftwrapping

Have you ever loved how a gift was wrapped so much, you couldn't bear to part with it? No? Just me? That's ok. I have a habit of getting unnecessarily emotionally attached to inanimate objects. This Christmas one of my gifts was wrapped in the most adorable bag featuring a black and white photo of cows topped with Santa hats. Have I mentioned I love cows? It was a large gift bag I was unlikely to reuse, but I didn't want to get rid of it. It was lingering in our apartment for a few days when it hit me, I should showcase it as artwork! I had a large, matted frame that was waiting for a fresh image and the bag fit almost perfectly. It was an easy DIY and could be done with just about any gift bag or scrap wrapping paper.  I had all of the supplies on hand, making the project completely free, but the supplies needed are all relatively inexpensive. 


Gift bag or wrapping paper
Chip board (if needed)


Using an Exacto knife, cutting mat, and metal ruler, cut the gift wrapping down to the size of the frame. Be sure to remove the handles if it's a gift bag. If the wrapping is too short in length or width, cut two equally sized pieces of chip board to make up the difference. After opening the frame, place the matting down on the glass. Add in the chip board if needed. Lay the gift wrapping face down over the matting and chip board. Check to make sure the gift wrapping image is centered. Then return the back of the frame into position and secure it in place. 




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